In 'Sorry To Bother You,' an Alternate-Universe Oakland Rings True

If you feel your cheeks burning with familiarity as you watch Boots Riley’s directorial debut Sorry To Bother You, you're not alone—especially if you're from Oakland.

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Advertising Giants Ride Again at Bell Plastics in Hayward, CA.

Beginning in the early '60s, a brethren of Colossus began to fan out across the American countryside. These 14-to-25 foot tall fiberglass giants stood sentry outside tire shops and cafes, designed to act as a homing device for the family station wagon.

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Cartoonist Mimi Pond on Coming Of Age in an Oakland Greasy Spoon

Once regarded as San Francisco's troubled stepchild, Oakland over the past few years has become the belle of the ball. Though much of the recent lauding of its “artistic renaissance” can be traced to gentrification, some have always preferred the more rugged side of the bridge.

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Clown Graves and Humpty's Head: The Bay's Weirdest Roadside Attractions

For the ultimate tour of Bay Area roadside attractions, you need to start in Crockett. That’s right, I said Crockett. Once known primarily for its chief exports — sugar and meth — the tiny town just below the Carquinez Bridge boasts not one but TWO opportunities for roadside marveling.

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Make Way For The Queen: Aline Kominsky-Crumb Returns to SF

Suzanne Somers, I hereby declare that you've been fired. Hang up your Thigh Master and make way for the Queen. After five minutes of talking with underground comics legend Aline Kominsky-Crumb, I’m ready to buy any tonic, cream, pill, or supplement that could possibly account for her otherworldly effervescence. She’s stylish, bronze, and I’m confident she could body slam me.

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Punk Comics History Series: Shawn Kerri's Not At Oki Dogs.

There are generally three revelations that people experience when first discovering punk cartoonist Shawn Kerri...

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Punk Comic History Series: Dennis Worden.

If you prefer to get your philosophy from inside a dead dog’s asshole like I do, then you need to know about Dennis Worden.

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A Nostalgic Look Back at Splosh! Magazine

It is my sad duty to inform aficionados of pudding cleavage & pork panties both near & far that Bill Shipton, founder of Splosh! Magazine, passed away this summer.

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Weirdo: Where Are They Now?

In addition to providing a vehicle for some of the most innovative art of Crumb’s career, Weirdo served as a launching pad for many of the best underground comic artists of all time, showcasing them at their most free and tender beginnings.

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