About Janelle Blarg

Janelle Blarg (otherwise known as Janelle Hessig) is a Bay Area writer, cartoonist, and humorist, best known for her contributions to small press and punk communities.

Janelle's Tales of Blarg helped define east bay punk fanzines in the '90s and beyond. Cartoonist, writer, riot grrrl muse, and one-woman laff factory, Janelle's work can be found in subversive materials hidden under your mattress or hung defiantly on your teen bedroom wall.

She's been a touring drummer, a pop culture journalist, and the marketing director for Last Gasp.
Her work has appeared in comics anthologies and on punk record covers since the beginning of time.
Check out her publishing company Gimme Action for work by Liz Suburbia, Brontez Purnell, and Hessig herself.

Select Publications

Tales Of Blarg, Self Published, 1990 - 2006

On Our Butts, Comics Anthology, Edited by Fawn Gehweiler & Gabby Gamboa, 1994

Flying Saucer Attack, Comics Anthology, Edited by Jerome Gaynor, 1995

Jank, Self Published, With Jeff Jank, 1995

Desperate Times, Self Published, 2000

Bogus Dead, Comics Anthology, Edited by Jerome Gaynor, 2002

Punk Planet, Magazine Columnist, 2002 - 2007

It's All Good, Anthology, Edited by Jen Joseph, 2003

Suburban Bitch, Self Published, 2004

Tales of Colt 45, Vice Magazine Comic Anthology, 2008

I Saw You: Comics Inspired By Real-Life Missed Connections, Anthology, Edited by Julia Wertz, 2009

Vice Magazine, Sept. 2009

Rock Stardom for DumbShits, Edited by Michael Lucas, 2010

Maximum RocknRoll, Punk Comics Blog, 2010 - 2011

Maximum RocknRoll #332, Guest Editor, All Comics Issue, January 2011

Three #3, Queer Comics Anthology, With Matt Runkle, Edited by Rob Kirby, 2012

The Cruising Diaries, Illustrated Memoir, With Brontez Purnell 2014

Wuvable Oaf #5, Pin-Up Insert, 2017



The Copyist Conspiracy, Group Exhibition, Needles and Pens, San Francisco, CA, 2005

The Panelists, Group Exhibition, Pravus Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, 2009

Four Mexicans and a White Girl Walk Into A Gallery, Group Exhibition, Toby's Gallery, Point Reyes, 2011

Carnal Comics, Solo Exhibition, 1234 Go Records, Oakland, CA, 2011

Good Times, Solo Exhibition, 1234 Go Records, Oakland, CA, 2012

Dealing With It, Group Exhibition, Mission Comics & Art, San Francisco, CA, 2015

The Joy of Sux, Solo Exhibition, 1234 Go Records, Oakland, CA, 2015

For The Love of Diller, Group Exhibition, Alameda Museum, 2015

Last Gasp Anniversary Show, Group Exhibition, 111 Minna, San Francisco, CA, 2016


Select Press & Interviews

KQED Arts - "Gimme Action: Bay Area Comic Artist Janelle Hessig Publishes First Book", 2014

Radar Productions - "Amanda Verwey's Art Mondays: Janelle Hessig!", 2013

Gweek 118: The Weirdo Years, Boing Boing Podcast, Hosted By Mark Frauenfelder, 2013

Gweek 120: Sonic Pop Ray Gun, Boing Boing Podcast, Hosted By Mark Frauenfelder, 2014

The Comics Journal - Robert Clough Reviews The Cruising Diaries, 2014

RiYL Episode 248, Podcast, Hosted by Brian Heater, 2017